Songs About Dogs Dying

As human beings, it’s not strange to be emotionally attached to our dogs. They have become an essential part of our families. They are our source of good vibes and positivity in this mundane world. And one of the worst nightmares any dog owner can ever have is losing our precious dogs. Nothing can ever prepare us for the grief that comes after. But have you ever experienced hearing a certain song and suddenly remember your precious dog? That’s because songs are like words that we are unable to say. Listening to songs is a great tool that can help us in dealing with the pain of losing our best friend. 

In this article, we will discuss how songs can help us heal and help us to accept the painful reality that our dog has passed away. We have also compiled songs dedicated to your precious dog. 

1. How do songs help us cope with losing our dogs?

Moving on with life can be very difficult if you are still grieving the loss of your fur baby. There’s never a day that we stop thinking about them without shedding tears. Sometimes it seems like an impossible feat to go back to our daily life because we don’t want to be confronted with the reality that they aren’t around anymore. Listening to songs can help us process our feelings so we can finally move on and come to terms with losing our dogs, grieving, and remembering to heal. 

Here are other ways how listening to songs can help us

  • Songs can calm us mentally and physically - Dealing with grief and loss can leave us feeling low in spirits. But listening to songs can help us ground our emotions and may help calm us down.
  • Songs can create memories - When we listen to songs, it activates some parts of our brain. In effect, it brings back memories and connects us to unforgettable events in our lives.
  • Songs can help us express big emotions - Songs have powerful effects on our bodies and brains. They can be the space where we can express our feelings and release emotional stress.
  • Songs help us remember who we are - Losing a dog can also make us feel like we have lost our sense of self and purpose. And listening to songs that we can identify with can help us rewire and refocus our brain. This gives us a sense of direction or maybe a new purpose in life.
  • Songs help us honor our precious dogs - Remembering the times we have spent with our beloved dogs is a very important part of healing. Songs can help us accept and say goodbye properly to our dogs.

2. For Your Dogs

Songs are unspoken words that represent what we are feeling. They help soothe the pain and keep us grounded.

There are many upbeat songs written about dogs that never fail to make us smile. They bring back the happy memories that we’ve shared with our dogs. And on the other hand, there are also sad songs written about the pain of losing our dogs. But regardless of the rhythm, it’s the lyrics that hit home, the words that we can relate to. While there are songs that aren’t written specifically for dogs but they can also be put into the context of the special love between you and your dog. 

Below is a list of songs that can give voice to your sadness and can help you take one step at a time as you grieve.  

1.) Martha My Dear – The Beatles

This song is written by Paul McCartney for his Old English Sheepdog named Martha. In this song, one can feel how Martha is an inspiration for him and how he wanted Martha to always be there for him.

2.) My Dog And Me – John Hiatt

This song goes right to the heart of anyone who has ever loved man’s best friend. It talks about how beautiful and free life is with a dog.

3.) I Love My Dog – Cat Stevens

This is the first song that Cat Steven has released. This song tells about how much he loves his dog and his special someone. It also depicts the simplicity of dogs’ needs and how loyal they are compared to humans who will fade away or will eventually leave their partners.

4.) Cracker Jack – Dolly Parton

If your dog has been with you since you were a kid, this song can best represent how much you love and honor your best friend. It tells about how Cracker Jack isn’t only a dog but a companion, a best friend, a playmate, and everything every kid would ever want in a pet.

5.) Sometimes I Don’t Mind – The Suicide Machine

This modern rock song reached #22 in Billboard’s Modern Rock Chart. Released in 2000, it’s about the joy one can feel about their dogs and they don’t mind about the mess that their dogs make because they love their dogs just the same.

6.) Man Of The Hour – Norah Jones

When asked to choose between a “vegan and a pothead”, Norah Jones chose her dog, a poodle named Ralph. This song is about how dogs can be better than humans in terms of relationships.

7.) The Dog Song – Nellie McKay

This cute song was performed by Nellie McKay during a TED Talk performance. This cute song depicts how dogs can turn their human’s life around and help them live their life to the fullest. Unfortunately, Nellie had to put her dog to sleep due to old age. 

8.) Like My Dog – Billy Currington

This country song is about a guy who’s asking his girlfriend to love him just like how his dog loves him. It also describes the unconditional love our dogs give us. 

9.) A Dog’s Heart – Cumberland River Dogs

Released in 2017, this song tells about a man missing his dog and how dogs can show us the world through a dog’s heart.  It tells us how to be playful, stop and smell the roses, forgive and love each other, just like how dogs live their life. This song might be upbeat but it will be a great song for a dog’s funeral.

10.) Chasing Butterflies – Frankly Speaking

A rather sad song with an upbeat tune, this song is about a dog owner who lost his dog and wishes his dog is up there chasing butterflies. Frankly Speaking wrote this song for his dog who died from Lymphoma in November 2016. 

11.) Dogs in Heaven – David Gregg

If you want to listen to songs that give you a reassuring feeling that dogs are in heaven, then this song is one of them. 

12.) I Will Remember You – Sarah McLachlan

This is a song that can also be described as a song from your dog to you. It says how much our dogs want us to remember them and but they also want us to move on.

13.) It’s Just A Dog – Mo Pitney

Beautifully written for a dog who passed away, this song tells us about the ups and downs of having a dog and most especially, the pain of losing them.

14.) Shannon – Henry Gross

If you and your family are mourning for your family dog’s death, this song best describes what you are feeling right now, the tough time that you are going through as a family.

15.) Without Words – The Spectra 2014 Singers

Dogs are wonderful creatures that can teach us how to love unconditionally without using words. If you have a service dog who passed away recently, this song will help you tell the world how much your dog means to you.

16.) Fix You – Cold Play

If you feel like crying because you miss your dog so much but tears just won’t come out, try listening to this song and you’ll soon realize that your dog is trying to fix you.

17.) Beyond The Rainbow Bridge – Trina Belamide

It’s so difficult to let go of our dogs but this song will reassure you that your dog is just waiting for you beyond the rainbow bridge.

18.) Old Grey Dog – Jimmy Scott

If you recently put your old dog down to sleep, this song will help you get through each day as it reminds you of how your old dog lived his last days. Time might have brought your old dog down to his knees but you were always there to show him love and care. 

19.) Good Dogs – Jameson Rodgers

Good dogs don’t live long enough. This song talks about how short dogs’ lives are and how it hurts to lose our dogs.

20.) Maggie’s Song – Chris Stapleton

Maggie’s Song is an extraordinary song about the life and death of a dog. It tells us how loyal and protective our dogs are to our family. From the time they enter our lives till the time they have to say goodbye, they will always show us how much they love us. 

3. Final Thoughts

Our dogs have brought joy and happiness into our lives. Losing them can take its toll on our health but there are many ways to cope with the grief. And one of them is listening to songs. Songs can help us hold on to the wonderful memories that our dogs have created with us. Songs can help us deal with a loss that no dog owner would ever want. There are songs that tell exactly our story and gives us the courage to go on with life.

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