Prayer For Dying Dog

Our dogs are part of our family and seeing them suffer in pain at the end of their lives can leave us feeling helpless, defeated, and heartbroken. In this most difficult time of our lives as dog owners, we need someone to give us sympathetic support. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky to have someone who will understand what we are going through, let alone accept that there is such thing as grieving dog owners. When there’s no one to turn to and we feel alone, prayer can offer us comfort.

“Love gives us memories. Prayer gives us strength.”                                                              -Anonymous

In this article, we will talk about the importance of prayer and how it can help dogs and their dog owners.

1. What is a Prayer?

We pray for many reasons, especially during the toughest times of our lives. So how do we define prayer? According to various dictionaries, prayer is defined as a petition to God or an earnest request or a wish. Some people define prayer as a form of meditation and for some, it’s like talking to an unseen supreme being while hoping to be answered. The definition of prayer may vary according to people’s beliefs and religion but they all say that prayer is a conversation with God to whom we cast our anxieties and make our needs known in every circumstance.

2. How Does Prayer Help in Mourning The Loss Of A Dog?

Losing a beloved dog is something that will cause us grief and sorrow. Escaping from it, denying, or worst, suppressing it will only cause our mental and physical health to go downward spiral. So how does prayer help us in mourning the loss of our precious dog?

1.) Prayers can reduce anxiety and depression

According to studies, the act of praying itself can help us in calming our anxious minds and can lift up our mood. Our prayers and spiritual beliefs can greatly help us in processing grief.

2.) Prayer can help regulate our emotions

Grieving over the loss of our fur baby can be long and complicated. And along the stages of grief, there will come a time that our sadness will turn to anger. This is especially true when you are already stressed and lack the support that you need. It makes you feel irritable and easily react negatively to things around you. When we pray, it helps us reflect on the given situation and change how we think and feel.

3.) Prayers can calm our minds and body

In prayers, we use soothing words and phrases. So when we concentrate and repeat those calming phrases over and over again, our heart rate decreases, and areas of our brain quiets down in a positive way.

3. Dog Prayers

There are thousands of prayers dedicated to dogs. For every situation, there are appropriate prayers that you can say.
Witnessing your dog dying or in transition can be traumatizing. But saying a prayer can help you send off your beloved dog to a smooth journey.

Prayer for a Dying Dog

“Loving God, our beloved pet and companion, (Dog’s name) is on his/her final journey. 

We will miss (Dog’s name) dearly.

We thank you for the gift that he/she has been to us.

Give us hope that, in your great kindness,

you may restore (Dog’s name) in your heavenly kingdom. Amen.”

If your dying dog is in severe pain, here is a prayer for your dog’s peaceful passing.

Prayer A Dying Dog In Pain

Prayer of Peace

“Jesus, Prince of Peace, my dog is in need of peace in this ill-fated time. Please comfort my dog and take away their pain and fear. Please also bring peace to me during this time, Lord. My heart is tired and prepared for grief. Please bring stillness to my soul. As my dog is near this time death may I be reminded of Your comforting hand placed on my dog’s heart. In Your peace-loving name, Amen.”

Saying this prayer before burial can greatly help you calm your mind as you grieve and mourn for your dog’s death.

Prayer For Mourning A Dog

“O Lord our God, we come before You this day in sadness. (Dog’s name), who brought us so much joy in life, has now died. (His/Her) happy times in our family’s embrace have come to an end. We miss (dog’s name) already. 

Help us, O God, to remember the good times with (dog’s name). Remind us to rejoice in the happy times (he/she) brought to our home. Let us be thankful for the good life we were blessed to give to (him/her).

We are grateful to You, God, for creating (dog’s name), for entrusting (him/her) to our care, and for sustaining (him/her) in our love for a measure of time. We understand that all that lives must die. We knew that this day would come. And yet, O God, we would have wanted one more day of play, one more evening of love with (pet’s name).

O God, as we have taken care of (dog’s name) in life, we ask that You watch over (him/her) in death. You entrusted (dog’s name) to our care; now, we give (him/her) back to You. May (pet’s name) find a happy new home in Your loving embrace.

As we remember (dog’s name), may we love each other more dearly. May we care for all Your creatures, for every living thing, as we protected the blessed life of (dog’s name). May (his/her) memory bless our lives with love and caring forever. Amen.”

Sometimes the pain of losing a dog can be too much to bear. This prayer will help you call God as you need comfort and strength during this very difficult time.

Prayer For Comfort And Strength After Dog’s Death

“Father in Heaven,

Bring comfort and healing to us who are mourning the death of our precious dog, (dog’s name). You know our pain, for you lost your own beloved son. You know the depth of our sadness and grief when we lose our dog, (dog’s name) who’s so dear and special to us. You know the emptiness of a home that no longer has that furry little (or big!) friend; you know the emptiness of a heart that longs for the comforting touch of a beloved dog.

Thank you for the gift of our dogs, for the love these creatures give us, for the life that they offer, and for the chance to love them unconditionally. We pray for comfort, peace, and healing as we let go of(dog’s name) that we loved so dearly. Amen.”

4. Tips on Prayer for Dog Funeral Ceremony

If you plan to hold a funeral ceremony for your precious dog and you want to incorporate prayers, here are some tips.
  • Make sure to have a place where the ceremony will be held. If you are going to have your dog’s remains cremated, you may inquire from the crematorium that you have chosen about the dog funeral services. They usually have an area where a dog funeral ceremony can be held before cremation. The same goes if you plan to bury your dog in a pet cemetery. You may request a dog funeral ceremony but with additional costs.
  • Your dog’s body should be wrapped in a cloth and placed in a box or casket.
  • Add candles and a photo of your dog beside the casket.
  • Begin the ceremony with a prayer from the Bible. Psalm 104
  • Ask someone to recite the verse Revelation 21
  • Read the “Prayer for Mourning A Dog”, from the list we have in this article.
  • Follow with 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory Be
  • If you have kids, you may ask them to say or sing “The Hymn of St. Francis” alternately as your dog’s body is being carried to his/her final resting place or cremation chamber.

5. Final Thoughts

The death of a dog can sometimes rob us of the life that we used to have with our beloved dog especially when we have witnessed their pain that before they passed away. Some people may not agree about praying for dogs, but let us remember that prayer is not limited to human beings. Nor are prayers limited to people who have religious affiliations.
Saying prayers have a positive impact on our lives as well as our mental and physical health. It gives us a whole new meaning and purpose in life. Prayers keep us strong and hopeful. It helps accept that dying is also a part of living.

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