How To Turn Dog Ashes Into Jewelry?

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose; All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”      – Hellen Keller

Dealing with the death of a beloved dog is the worst experience dog owners go through. The emotional turmoil of having to face the reality that a loyal buddy has left their side is indescribable. Grieving is a process and it will take some time before dog owners can move on with their daily lives. The harsh reality that adds to the pain and anguish is the need to make a quick decision on what to do with a beloved dog’s remains. 

Memorializing dogs is a very important part of grieving. It helps dog owners go through the process while assuring themselves of not forgetting about their precious dogs. If you are considering having your precious dog cremated, then let this article be your guide on what to do with your dog’s ashes. This article will also take a deep dive into how to turn your dog’s ashes into diamonds and how much the process will cost dog owners.

1. Different Ways To Memorialize A Dog’s Ashes

The death of a beloved dog can be likened to losing a family member. As an essential part of the process of grieving, honoring a dog’s ashes can make grieving much more bearable. It gives dog owners the chance to show their beloved dogs how much they are loved and cared for. So here are some of the different ways to memorialize your dog’s ashes. 

Burying Dog’s Ashes

Some dog owners prefer to bury their beloved dog’s ashes. Burying allows dog owners to have a designated spot for their fur babies where they can spend time reminiscing the good times they had. There are several places where dog owners can bury their precious dog’s ashes but the most popular place is in their own backyard. This is because it gives them the sense of being close to their dogs. Furthermore, they can put markers or headstones at the grave and they can also adorn it with their dogs’ favorite toys or even plant lovely flowers around it. However, some states do not allow pet burial at home so it is best for dog owners to consult with their local vets and check their state’s laws before proceeding. 

For dog owners who are living in an apartment or renting a place, they can bury their dogs’ ashes in pet cemeteries. There are many pet cemeteries across the US, so it won’t be hard for dog owners to find one that’s near where they live. It’s also important to note that pet cemetery burial costs around $400 which includes a small burial plot, casket, and other basic services. 

Keeping Dog’s Ashes At Home

A classic way to honor a dog’s memories is putting their ashes in a beautiful urn and keep them at home. A lot of dog owners choose to keep their dog’s ashes at home not only to memorialize their dog but also to give them a sense of being with their beloved dog. With so many dog owners choosing to have their pets cremated, there is no shortage on beautiful pet dog urns. You’ll be surprised at how amazing pet dog urn designs are. There are pet dog urns designed as a photo frame, figurine, flower vase, or as simple as wooden boxes. Dog owners can even have their dog’s urns customized according to their dog’s personality.

Turn Ashes Into A Tree

A modern yet meaningful way of memorializing a pet is turning a dog’s ashes into a tree. This is done by putting a dog’s ashes in a biodegradable urn mixed with soil. Dog owners can then choose any seeds of their choice. The urn will then be buried and will eventually turn into a tree. 

Turning ashes into a tree can greatly help grieving dog owners to focus their attention on the beautiful living reminder of their dog instead of the pain that they are feeling. Moreover, most companies that offer tree memorials will help dog owners choose seeds that grow well where they live to ensure that their dog’s ashes will not go to waste.

Scattering Ashes

One of the most popular things to do with a dog’s ashes is to scatter them. Some dog owners choose to scatter their dogs’ ashes in their dogs’ favorite spot. It can be in the backyard, garden, hiking trails, parks, beach, rivers, or anywhere they used to bond with their dogs. While most public parks allow the scattering of dog’s ashes, it’s best to ask local environment center for permission. The same goes for scattering dog’s ashes in private properties. Asking permission will help avoid legal issues from surfacing.

Since scattering of dog’s ashes has become a popular practice, more and more dog owners use specially designed urns for scattering ashes. This makes the process of scattering dog’s ashes easier for dog owners especially if they plan to scatter their dog’s ashes in different places or put a portion of the ashes in keepsake urns or if they want to turn their dog’s ashes into pieces of jewelry. 

Pet Ashes Into Keepsakes

Holding something close to you to always remember your dog can help you cope with the pain of losing them. Especially if it’s something that you can carry with you such as keychains.

2. Turn Pet Ashes Into Diamond

Probably the most innovative and best way to preserve your dog’s happy memories is by turning ashes into gems such as diamonds. And a lot of dog owners’ dream of turning pet ashes into jewelry will come true thanks to new technologies. You can imagine having your pet’s ashes turned into a diamond, then have it set as earrings, pendants, rings, or bracelets. It’s fashionable but in a way gives you a sense of comfort and connection to the dog you lost. 

The Process

Turning dog ashes into diamonds is a long and meticulous process. In order for a diamond to be created, it will need at least 8 ounces of your dog’s ashes.

The first step is carbon purification wherein your chosen company will isolate carbon from your dog’s ashes in order to get the starter material for a diamond which is a carbon graphite substance. During this process, pure carbon in the form of graphite is ground into a fine powder and later sent to diamond growth.

The next step is diamond growth. In this process, machines are used to replicate natural conditions to grow diamonds. The diamond is left to grow until it reaches the desired size. The bigger the size of the diamond, the longer it is grown. 

When the diamond reaches its desired size, it is then extracted, cleaned, cut, and polished. Let’s remember that the quality of the diamond is determined through its cut so it is a very delicate process. The final step is the coloration and grading of the diamond. This is when a diamond is given its color by combining different natural elements and technology. In this step, the darker the color, the longer the amount of time needed for the diamond to achieve its color. 

Just like natural diamonds, diamonds from ashes are also inspected and graded according to their color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. After which, the diamond is engraved with what you have requested. And finally, it will be released to you with an authentication certificate. This whole process will take approximately 3-10 months depending on the color and size of the diamond that you want. 

The Cost

There are several factors that can affect the cost to turn pet ashes into diamonds. This includes its clarity, color, carat size, and cut. For example, a yellow-colored diamond with a carat size of .10 will cost around $695, whereas a clear-colored diamond with a carat size of .10 will cost around $2,000. The quality of customer service also affects a diamond’s cost. This means if you want to have a high level of customer service, then be prepared to spend more. Some companies’ customer service includes recasting and restoration of diamonds. 

3. Final Thoughts

Grieving over the loss of your dog is a long journey. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing where and how you want to memorialize your dog. With the advancement of technology, you have more and more options. You can either choose the traditional way of taking care of their dog’s ashes, or you may choose something as precious as your dog such as turning your dog’s ashes into diamonds. 

Many people might not understand how important it is for you to memorialize your dog as part of healing, but the most important thing is for you to feel good about your decision. Turning your pet’s ashes may seem expensive and take a very long time but you can always adjust your preference. The size of the diamond that will suit your budget doesn’t necessarily reflect the size of your heart for your lost dog. What’s important is how much you loved and cared for your beloved dog when it was still alive and how much love still remains in your heart.

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