Goodbye Message To My Dog

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

Life with a dog is like a bucket filled with days of overflowing joy. They don’t come with instructions but they just naturally make us fall in love with them till we get confronted with the fact that their lives are short. They say that the pain of losing our dogs is the price we have to pay for their unconditional love. But in reality, losing them isn’t actually what we are fear. It’s knowing that they aren’t coming back anymore is what makes it hard. The sorrow and grief can be so unbearable. Especially if the circumstances of losing them are something that’s unexpected or needing to be done. In this article, we will talk about expressing your grief through a goodbye message to your dog.

1. Dealing With Grief

To say that dogs are man’s best friend is an understatement. They are our companions, our partners, and our support system. So when the inevitable comes, we feel an overwhelming sadness.
The problem is, grieving over the death of a dog isn’t well understood by some people yet. That’s why not all dog owners are given the support and understanding that they need from the people around them. In effect, dog owners choose to hide their grief hoping that the pain will go away. However, grief and sorrow can greatly affect one’s body and mind.
Dealing with grief can help one learn to accept their dog’s death without forgetting their dog. There are many ways that dog owners deal with the tragic loss of their dogs. Here are some of the ways:

1.) Listening to songs about dogs dying

When you listen to sad songs, especially songs particularly composed for dogs, it opens a way for you to pour your emotions out. In a way, it can help your body and mind calm down and feel better. Moreover, songs can also serve as a way to remember our beloved dogs and can be a great way to honor your dogs if you plan to hold a dog funeral service.

2.) Reading Rainbow Bridge poems for dogs

When people die, we have a perception that they will go to heaven. But where do dogs go when they die? This is the biggest question and the most common reason why dog owners have a hard time moving on with their life. So reading poems about a place where dogs go when they die is reassuring for dog owners that there is a place where their dogs are waiting for them.

3.) Dog Memorial Tattoo

One of the most creative ways to express grief for the loss of a dog is by having your dog’s picture or name tattooed on your skin. Regardless of permanent or temporary tattoo, it lets you honor your dog’s beautiful memory.

4.) Prayer For Dying Dog

During the most heartbreaking moment of a dog owner’s life, writing or saying a prayer for your beloved dog can help lessen the sorrow that you are feeling. It gives you a sense that God is taking care of your dog.

5.) Turn Your Dog’s Ashes Into Jewelry

Dog owners consider their dogs as precious pets so it’s not strange for them to turn their dog’s ashes into jewelry. Despite being expensive, it gives dog owners a sense of comfort and connection to their dogs.

2. Saying Goodbye To Your Dog Poem

Poems have been around since man learned how to use words. They are written to put words to emotions, ideas, and imagination. Losing a dog is like an emotional black hole for some dog owners. And poems can be a great way to comfort us and calm us down. Poems can easily help us express our feelings and emotions when we are struggling to find the right words to say.
  • If you plan to avail a funeral service for your dog or a simple farewell ceremony, you may choose a poem that will describe the special love between you and your dog, and then you can read it at the beginning of the ceremony or ask someone to read it if you aren’t able to.
  • If you would like a more private and solemn way to lay your dog to rest, you may write your own poem or look for a poem that can represent how you feel and then handwrite or print it. You may also choose a picture of your dog and attach your chosen poem beside your dog’s image to make it look more personalized. You can place it in a picture frame.
  • If you plan to bury your dog, you may choose a short poem as an epitaph and have it engraved on your dog’s tombstone.
  • If you have decided to have your dog’s remains cremated, you may display your framed poem beside your dog’s urn as a way to remember your dog.

3. Goodbye Message To Your Dog

Coming to terms with the death of a beloved dog and the grief that it brings is tough. While some dog owners are lucky enough to see their dogs die due to old age, some are suffering because they either have no choice but to euthanize their dogs or worst their dogs died unexpectedly. Not only do dog owners need to go through misery but also need to find closure. Writing a goodbye message to your dog can help you cope with the devastation that you are feeling. It allows you to express words left unspoken and finally move on from unresolved emotions especially with guilt. 

Here are tips on how to write a goodbye message to your dog:

  • Find a comfortable and quiet place where you can reflect and collect your thoughts.
  • Choose a writing medium that you are comfortable using so it won’t hinder the flow of thoughts and words. You may use a pen and paper, tablet, smartphone, computer, or any writing gadget that will not tire your hands easily.
  • Look at your dog’s picture so you’ll feel connected and be reminded of your times together.
  • You may feel confused about what to say at the beginning but starting with the traditional “ Dear ___,” will do. And everything will go naturally.
  • If you are running out of words to say, you can tell your dog exactly how you feel. Don’t feel awkward if it is too intense or not. What’s important is you are able to express how you are feeling at the moment.
  • Be patient with yourself. Take your time. Besides, there is no deadline for saying goodbye to your beloved dog.
  • Write from the heart. Tell your dog how sorry you are and how much you love him.
  • You can tell your dog what was it you never said or wish you did with him. Or you can also write about your dog’s happiest memory or how you felt when saw him suffering from sickness.
  • A lot of dog owners feel guilty about not being able to do something to stop or delay their dog’s death. If you feel the same way, then tell your dog about those feelings of guilt. Your dog might not know how to read your message but your future self will thank you for making the right decision at that time.
  • Tell your dog it’s okay to go while assuring that you will never forget about him. It might sound simple but these words will also help you accept the reality and finally learn to live with your dog’s memories.
  • When you are done writing the message, you may want to hide it or keep it. Or you may want to burn it together with your dog’s remains as you let go. Or bury it in your dog’s grave.

4. Final Thoughts

They say death is like a thief in the night. No one knows the day or the hour. When you try to repress your emotions due to the death of your dog, you are bound to suffer physically and mentally. Grieving is an individual experience. It may take a few days for some but it will take years for others before they can finally accept their dog’s death. There are many ways to express grief and lessen the emotional burden that you are carrying. You can try whichever will suit your personality and circumstances. One of the easiest yet effective ways is saying goodbye message to your dog. The act of writing itself can and putting your feelings on a paper is like having a conversation with your own dog. It releases you from the emotional shackle that you are bound with while allowing you to express your feelings without the fear of being judged.

If you are in deep sadness like the world is getting darker every day, do not hesitate to talk to someone who is close to you. You may also ask for help from the experts. Just hang in there.

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